About Us

After years of playing and organising social and competitive sports competitions the three founders of Sportsblock realised that technology was surely at a stage where it could do most of the work for us. What initially was a much bigger, broader idea quickly turned into what Sportsblock is today-a competition management platform that could simplify running sports competitions, whilst also allowing competition organisers to market their competitions to players and teams through our platform.

We wasted hours doing all the administrative work that makes up sports competitions and hours more looking for a platform that offered what Sportsblock does. We couldn’t believe there wasn’t already one and when we found basic competition planners and scheduling tools most of them either didn’t work well, didn’t actually save much time, and certainly weren’t free.

So we created Sportsblock. An idea that was pitched in a parked car after a futsal game soon turned into a second job and side project, and now two years later and Sportsblock is a full time job for all three creators. Launching Sportsblock as a competition management platform is just the beginning though-our aim is to make organising and playing in sports competitions something that is never again associated with stacks of paper, confusing fixture lists and phantom bank transfers or late registration payments.

We’re aiming to make running and playing in sports competitions as streamlined as possible using technology-but also available for everyone to use for free!